The Daily Grind and Slice

The Daily Grind and Slice

By: Katie Simpson

February. The “month of love”. Everywhere you look there’s red and pink hearts everywhere. An ever-present reminder to people of the love in their lives…or the lack thereof. But for many, love doesn’t come in reds or pinks and solely during one month a year. But rather, it comes every day and in flavorsome shades of blacks and browns. Or…as it’s fondly and passionately called…coffee. People LOVE their coffee. In fact, one third of the world’s population drinks it and is fueled by the bold, energizing beverage. So, to say people are often passionate about their coffee would be an understatement. Especially given that American’s alone drink 400 million cups of coffee a day! Thankfully, places like The Daily Grind in Lindenwold have risen to the challenge of supplying their customers with the much-needed fuel they need.

For over two decades, The Daily Grind and Slice in Lindenwald has been matchmaking customers with their perfect cup of Joe. That’s not all they do though. They also provide a sizable list of delicious food options that will leave even the pickiest of pallets satisfied. They didn’t stop there though, they also provided beverages outside the coffee realm for folks looking for something a bit different than a coffee buzz.

Where did the dream to own a coffee shop come from though for owners Randy and Laurie Hardin? How did they decide to start a coffee shop just outside Fairfield and Hamilton in Lindenwald? It all started when Randy and Laurie worked for the newspaper. They’d often find themselves in need of a good cup of coffee in the early morning hours and not be able to find one. Especially one with a drive thru. So, they decided, “Let’s start our own shop”. They didn’t jump in hastily though. They searched for the best location, a place where they could have a drive-thru, and they even studied traffic patterns. They wanted to get it right for the people they’d be serving. And get it right they did!

From coffee that will get you going and make you ready to take on the day, to smoothies that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. They have a drink for everyone! Then there’s the food…which is bound to make you a regular. From their wide array of delicious sandwiches to their breakfast pizza that will make your mouth water, one taste and you’ll no doubt be a lifelong fan.  

Randy and Laurie have given their all to The Daily Grind and it shows through in everything they do. From the way they care about their staff, who have completely bought in to the vision that Randy and Laurie have had and continue to have for the Daily Grind. To going the extra mile for customers who have supported them through all the highs and lows that owning a business can bring. Their genuine care for people is evident in everything they do.

One customer for example who’s been loyal and supportive for many years, has become ill and is now unable to come in and get his food and beverages. That doesn’t stop him though from showing his support for Randy and Laurie…and from getting his Daily Grind fix! He often places delivery orders so that he can still have his favorite menu items delivered right to his door. Randy and Laurie don’t simply just drop his food off though or even have a food delivery person drop it off. It’s personal for them. It’s someone they’ve grown to care about. So, they deliver it themselves so they can check in on one of their loyal customers. They see if he needs anything, and they make sure he’s doing okay. That’s a type of compassion that the world is sorely missing. When asked why they go that extra mile, when so many people don’t anymore, they said, “He’s good people. He deserves it.”

For so many, the saying, “the daily grind” refers to a job that they have to go to, that they don’t really have a passion or a love for. It’s just a place they go to make money so they can pay the bills. But that’s not the case for Randy and Laurie. Their Daily Grind is bursting with love, dedication, and to be in their presence is to feel like you’re witnessing a truly special union. The love they have for each other, their business, their staff (that they care deeply for and appreciate), and their customers (that they’re truly grateful for) …is the kind of love the world needs more of.

Randy and Laurie may have started their coffee shop as a way to make a good cup of coffee more readily available to people. But what they’ve created is so much bigger than that. Them and the staff they’ve surrounded themselves with, have been a much-needed smiling face to the person heading into a stressful job. They’ve been the place women can go to get their pregnancy cravings satisfied, the place where kids get rewarded with smoothies and treats after hard fought games at Joyce Park and they’ve also been the simple, yet sweet, Saturday breakfast tradition for couples in and around Lindenwald. They’ve also been the recharge station for first responders coming off a tough shift that’s left them feeling drained. The list goes on and on of all the ways they’ve been there for their customers. Even if it was just for a sweet treat or a drink while they’re out running errands. They’ve been there for it all over the last couple decades.

That’s love. It’s a verb. It’s an action. It’s not just flowery words and wishful thinking. It’s getting up day after day and being there for people. It’s caring about them when they’re at their best and their worst. It’s big gesture and small moments. And sometimes…it’s a cup of coffee when you need it most.

The Daily Grind and Slice is located at 4095 Pleasant Ave, Hamilton, Ohio. Be sure to stop by and enjoy one of their many drinks AND food options!
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