Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight

Brenda LaBoffe began her teaching career right here in Hamilton in 1992, just one year after graduating from Miami University. LaBoffe taught at Buchanan Elementary before transferring to Fillmore Elementary, and stayed after the school was rebuilt and renamed to Highland Elementary School. She currently teaches Language Arts to the 5th graders at Highland, but has plenty of experience teaching the different subjects and age groups in elementary schools.

Mrs. LaBoffe stated that she had always wanted to be an educator, but a certain 5th grade teacher named Larry Miller had really inspired her to pursue this career. She tries to emulate him in her own teaching style, making learning a fun experience for her students and making sure they are challenged to become the best version of themselves they can possibly be. When asked what her favorite part of teaching was, Mrs. LaBoffe had this to say: My favorite part of teaching is the kids!  I have taught just about every subject and every grade level during my career.  Each grade had its own uniqueness and memories that will last forever…”. Mrs. LaBoffe’s appreciation for Mr. Miller didn’t end when she left her elementary school; even today, she thinks back on her experience with his leadership as she finishes out her career in a coincidental yet poetic way, teaching the same grade where she first had her dream of becoming an educator.

Even though being a teacher comes with many challenges and responsibilities, Mrs. LaBoffe is always ready to be an inspiration to her students. Watching her kids laugh and learn with each other is part of what makes being a teacher so positive for her, even if it means being tossed around in a sea of change. In Mrs. LaBoffe’s own words, “I truly love knowing that I can make connections and inspire children.  I teach the way I would want to learn, and I believe that every child can find success within the walls of my classroom.   Someone once told me you have to ‘do what you love and love what you do’ to find your passion in life. I found that in teaching”!

--Evelyn Duggins

Name: Brenda LaBoffe-Pierson

School: Highland Elementary

Department and Grade: 5th Grade Language Arts

Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio

Favorite Book: Just about anything! Mrs. LaBoffe loves to read!

Favorite Season: Fall

Hobbies: Traveling, shopping, being outdoors, being around family and friends


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