Student Spotlight - Vaishnavi Vengala

Student Spotlight - Vaishnavi Vengala

Hamilton High School strives to create students who are engaged in their community and who want to be the best they can be in academics, athletics, or the professional world. Vaishnavi Vengala, a senior here at HHS, is a great example of everything our school stands for. To quote one of Vaishnavi’s past teachers Reuben Herle, “Vaishnavi is a helpful student both to her classmates and teachers. She goes above and beyond by thinking of creative ways to engage and connect with people. She has the ability to be the glue that holds a group together in ways that few people can do”.

Vaishnavi enjoys Advanced Placement classes and is currently taking an AP environmental science class at HHS and is enrolled in Statistics and Political Science at Miami University. After high school, she would like to go to Ohio State University to pursue a degree in Public Health and eventually go to medical school to obtain a PhD. Vaishnavi’s long term career goal is to become a therapist. She is also part of Hamilton’s branch of the National Honors Society, holding the position of Treasurer.

Outside of academics, Vaishnavi is also very involved in her school community. This past autumn, she was part of Hamilton High’s homecoming court. She is also a member of the Student Council here at Hamilton, “I have been fortunate to know Vaishnavi not just as a student in my English class, but also as a member of Hamilton High School’s Student Council. As a sophomore, she was eager to join an organization that has the potential to make a difference and for the past three years, she has done just that,” Says Emma Hauer, one of Vaishnavi’s former teachers, “She has been an instrumental member in our philanthropic work and other school events. Whenever I gave Vaishnavi tasks to do for events, I knew I could depend on her wholeheartedly, but she often went above and beyond”. On top of that, Vaishnavi is a co-founder of multiple clubs here at Hamilton, including the Cultural Club, Girls For Social Justice, and the Environmental Club! She has held vice presidential or presidential positions in ASTRA and the Civic Day event, which allows students to get a feel for how their local government and school board operate. Vaishnavi is also a part of Hamilton High’s GSA and our tennis team!

Vaishnavi Vengala is an amazing part of our high school, and she is an excellent example of everything HHS wants their students to be. Being so involved in the community and having such high standards for her academics is truly a wonderful thing, having such a balance between the two is incredibly impressive. Vaishnavi’s love for being part of her community will prove to be an excellent skill to have in college and the professional world. The Hamiltonian wishes her the best of luck with her future endeavors and we hope you enjoy the rest of your senior year Vaishnavi!

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