Student Spotlight - Rylie Lux

Student Spotlight - Rylie Lux

Hamilton High takes pride in our ability to come together and encourage our students to really feel that Big Blue spirit. 17 year old junior Rylie Lux is a perfect example of being Hamilton proud. She is driven, creative, passionate, and has a real love for her community here at HHS. To quote one of Rylie’s teachers, Michael Sunderhaus, “Rylie's greatest strength is her positive attitude. She comes to class every day with a positive outlook on things, and is a joy to have in class. On that same note, she is full of school spirit. I've seen her lead the dawg pound in cheers at a volleyball match, as well as the fact that she is a cheerleader for the high school”.

Having such a positive attitude towards her school, Rylie is very active in the student community through extracurricular activities. She participates in the school’s cheer squad, the Student Athlete Leadership Program, is an active member in the National Honors Society, is a cellist in Hamilton High’s symphony orchestra  and participated in this year's Civic Day as the Superintendent of the Board of Education. In addition to being heavily involved in extracurricular activities, Rylie is also incredibly involved in the classroom and her schoolwork. She is currently taking multiple college courses and AP classes, and in some of those classes I have the pleasure of being her classmate. From personal experience, Rylie truly is a driven, hard-working, intelligent girl.

To quote one of Rylie’s teachers, Matthew Pfeuffer, “Rylie is one of the nicest students that I have the pleasure of teaching. She is always in a pleasant mood, she always greets me in the hallway, and she is one of those students that puts others around her in a better mood. In addition to her demeanor, Rylie is the type of student who always tries her hardest”. Rylie brings a positive attitude to school every single day and puts her all into ensuring that everyone around her feels welcomed and comfortable at Hamilton.

After high school though, Rylie has some incredibly admirable goals. Once she graduates, she would like to go to Northern Kentucky University or The University of Texas at Austin to major in Law. Rylie would like to work her way up to become a court judge and one day become president. With the amount of positivity and love for community Rylie has, I have no doubt that she will be able to achieve her goal one day.

Rylie Lux is an excellent example of everything Hamilton High stands for and truly deserves this spot in the student spotlight. She is a kind, passionate, and motivated young lady. The Hamiltonian wishes you the best of luck on the rest of your schooling, and we hope to see your name on the ballot in the coming years!

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