Rising Stars

Rising Stars

 The growth that Hamilton’s experiencing is nothing short of extraordinary. A quick drive through town and you’ll likely see new shops, exciting businesses, lots of dining and entertainment options, as well as a slew of new companies that’ve gone all in on what Hamilton is trying to achieve. Hamilton truly is…a city on the rise. But there’s another revitalization of sorts that’s happening and it’s all about growing the next generation of Hamiltonians. 

Hamilton City Schools 

Within the walls of Hamilton High School and Freshman School there’s a dedicated team of staff that are investing in students day in and day out. The goal, to prepare them for the future. Whether they choose college, the trades, the military or going straight into a career…there’s options for every single student to acquire the skills they need to be successful. But Hamilton City Schools doesn’t take a one-dimensional approach when it comes to their students. They understand that all kids are different, that they all have different likes and dislikes, different home lives and different gifts and talents.  In an effort to meet every need, they’ve partnered with places like Butler Tech (who has facilitated 8, on campus, programs), Sinclair University, and Kettering Health, to allow kids the chance to explore different career paths. Their commitment to setting the next generation up to be successful doesn’t stop there though. Christopher Connell (Community Outreach/Alumni Relations) started a career program, that 3 years ago, had hopes of placing 10 students in jobs. Three years later, 800 have found employment. The generation of students that are coming up are not only motivated, but they’re smart and eager to showcase their skills. What will truly be the difference maker though, and what will truly benefit Hamilton, is the love and pride that’s being fostered in students for the city and neighborhoods they live in. Pair that love and pride with talent and skills and you have a generation that will not only grow a city to the next level, but they’ll change the world for the better. 




Butler Tech 

Since 1975 Butler Tech has been transforming lives through programs that ready their students for life after High School. Whether they choose a career or further education, the staff at Butler Tech does everything they can to make sure their students are prepared for that next step. Through core values like: Character, Integrity, and Respect, Butler Tech is molding more than future college students or employees…they’re making an investment in the next generation of citizens that goes far beyond the classroom. It’s also these core values and dedication to what they do that allows them to have an impressive 99% graduation rate, a 97% Post Program Placement rate and nearly 1600 Industry Credentials earned among the students on campus. As Hamilton and surrounding areas continue to grow, so does the need for skilled, entry level workers. Butler Tech, through their vast array of programs, is doing their part to fill that void. Jim Stone, who is the director of the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education is quoted as saying, “The early vocational education was driven by a philosophy of fitting people to their probable destinations.” So, in other words, young people didn’t get a choice. They were simply told who they were and what they’d be doing. Gone are those days though. At Butler Tech, students are given a choice…and a chance, to blaze a path towards a future that not only brings them joy, but that makes their communities a better, more prosperous place. 




CHIPs (Citywide Hamilton’s Internship Program) 

Three years ago, two powerhouse women came together to address a need in Hamilton. A need for more diversity, more opportunity and more equity. CHIPs Co-Founders Jeanne Pope and Chamina Curtis wanted to do more than create a moment. They wanted to start a movement. CHIPs, is a 12-week internship program that pairs minorities with local employers. It allows them to learn about career options they may never have considered or dreamed of for themselves. But it does so much more than just place them in a job. It’s facilitating career advancement, inspiring entrepreneurship and creating leaders. The 4 pillars to success that CHIPs has implemented are: 


Pillar 1: Work Experience 

(Interns are paired with employers for 12-week, paid, internships)

Pillar 2: Community Involvement

(Interns take part in community events so that they’re attached and connected to their communities, while also seeing what leadership in action looks like.) 

Pillar 3: Continuing Education/Leadership Development

(Brings a multi-faceted approach to preparing interns for the next phase of their journey.) 

Pillar 4: After Care

(Interns will receive support as long as needed, offering support and guidance.) 

Pope and Curtis have created a program that not only places minorities in quality jobs, creating a more diverse Hamilton. But they’re fostering a love for the city while also supporting its growth. Not just fiscally though, but through diversity, equity, and talent. 


Miami University Work+ 


It’s no secret that college is expensive. So expensive in fact that for many, it makes it feel like an impossible dream. But what if you could work part-time, make money and also have your schooling paid for? Well, that’s exactly what Miami University Hamilton is offering through their Work+ Program. Through the Work+ Program students are able to receive an associates or bachelor’s degree while working part-time and getting their tuition paid for by a Work+ employer. Once they’ve been accepted into Miami Hamilton, they’ll start the process of finding an employer (with the help of Miami staff). From there they’ll apply just as they would with any other job and go through the hiring and interview process. The program doesn’t just benefit the students though. It’s helping employers fill job vacancies with local, high-quality individuals, who are motivated and driven. It’s allowing employers to bring in talent that they can mold and that will help them grow their businesses, thus, growing the economy. But most of all, it’s giving people the chance to better themselves and to earn a college degree debt free.   



Miami University Service+ 

Service+, at Miami Hamilton, is an AmeriCorps Program, which is hosted by the Center for Social Impact at Miami University Regionals. AmeriCorps, who’s long standing mission has been to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement, is doing exactly that at Miami Hamilton. On the surface, Service+ may seem like a typical volunteer opportunity. But it’s so much more than that. Students in the Service+ Program are developing and strengthening both their workforce and leadership skills. In addition to growing themselves as leaders, and employees and even citizens…they’re also profoundly impacting the world around them by making it a better place. Students who give of their time and talents to the Service+ Program through AmeriCorps, will receive support, a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award and countless opportunities to both improve themselves, as well as the community around them, making them the kind of citizens that Hamilton truly needs. 

Hamilton has had its fair share of hard times. So, to see it growing by leaps and bounds, and to see it bursting with new life is so beautifully inspiring. But it’s also why every single one of these programs is necessary and vital to the success of Hamilton going forward. When you combine the uptick in newly created jobs, with the ever-growing void created in the workforce by the baby boomer generation, the need is great. Education and opportunity, mixed with a love and pride for one’s community…that’s how Hamilton continues to be a city on the rise. That’s how it continues to grow. Planting seeds of education, empowerment and inspiration are a harvest that the city will reap the rewards of for many, many years.  


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