Retired Teachers - Where Are They Now?

Retired Teachers - Where Are They Now?

Rex Bucheit, Hamilton teacher and administrator was a favorite of many Hamilton students and staff. Here’s what he’s been up to since his retirement in 2013!

Tell about your experiences teaching in Hamilton.

For 35 years I had the best job in the world. For 35 years I was excited to go to work each and every day. I started teaching at Adams Elementary, which is no longer there. I taught sixth grade then moved to fourth grade. For four years I taught gifted education at McKinley School, which is no longer there. I was named principal of Fillmore Elementary, which is no longer there.

For my last two years I was Director of Technology for the district.

Why did you choose education?

I loved working with kids, especially when you could witness when the light bulb would go off in their head. I tried to make school a place where a child would not want to miss as it was too fun and too exciting to miss. Likewise when I was a principal I wanted the teachers and staff to feel this way. Our motto at Fillmore was “Where School is Cool.”

What did you enjoy most about teaching?

Once the tardy bell rang and my classroom door was shut, it was my universe to oversee.I knew that I had a responsibility to educate these students according to our curriculum, but I had control on how I was to accomplish this. I did not have to be on a certain page of the math book on a certain day.

What have you been up to since you've retired?

I currently live In Sarasota Florida with my wife, Susan. During my last year working in tech I became sick and could not finish the year. I am still cancer free! I have taken to doing art and perfecting my cooking skills. I had to have back surgery because a vertebrate had slipped forward. I continue to have back issues that limit me being able to walk any distance. I am however enjoying life to the fullest.

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