More Than Just Good Food

More Than Just Good Food

Tano Bistro is making an impact beyond great cooking.  

Tano Williams has worked in the food industry for over 40 years. In 2009, He and his wife, Gina, opened the first Tano Bistro location in downtown Loveland. Fast forward a few years, Williams was ready to open a second location. The decision to open the second location came to fruition when Tano received a call from CMC Properties offering an opportunity to be located inside the Marcum building. It was almost kismet. “After we opened Loveland back in December of 2009, I would get a cabin in Houston Woods on an annual basis and do a little retreat or reset. I have always driven through Hamilton on my way there. It just felt like there was something here. It was like an energy that drew me here. I was interested immediately because I had this feeling that something was here.” Tano said. 


Tano Bistro aims to be more than just a restaurant. The people behind Tano Bistro want their restaurant to make an impact through more than just having a meal. “If you go beyond the plate, beyond the glass, really connect with the community and the people around us. We have a good set of core values. Our purpose is to cultivate meaningful relationships, not just through food and drink but also in conversation. The community is what sets us apart.  We want to be impactful in the community, people trust us with some of the most important events of their life like anniversaries and birthdays so we want to make sure that we show up as the best versions of ourselves.” Director of Operations, Tyler McCleary explained.



One of the more creative and unique aspects of Tano Bistro is they offer not only a food menu but also a craft cocktail menu that is constantly changing with the seasons. Tano Bistro prides itself on making all the infusions, simple syrups and shrubs for their cocktail menu in house. Having a menu that changes with the seasons has its challenges. The key to approaching those challenges is through meticulous planning, thorough research, fresh ingredients, and careful preparation. “When we’re changing seasons, coming into Spring and Summer, you’ve got to go lighter, you’ve got to go brighter. One of my passions in life is Mexican food. I wanted to pursue Mexican and Asian influences this time around. I have spent a lot of time researching, I wanted make our own masa, I want to do cazuelitas, so I got the equipment, went to food shows and culinary institutes for seminars, did some networking, really working as a team to bring new ideas to the menu.” said Williams.  


Tano Bistro is also a full service caterer for special and private events. “We have such a large library of foods that we have done over the years. We catered a fundraiser recently, “A Night in Rio” themed event, we collaborated with them to have a Brazilian menu. Is that what we normally do? No. Can we do it and do it well? Absolutely.” 


Tano Bistro (Hamilton) is located at 150 Riverfront Plaza, Hamilton, Ohio 45011. They are opened for dinner every day of the week from 4pm to 9pm. Tuesday through Saturday they are open for lunch between 11am and 3pm. They also offer Sunday Brunch from 10am and 3pm. 



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