I am a DJ, I am What I Play

I am a DJ, I am What I Play

Hamilton's Very Own Kid DJ

DJ Christian D is not your average 13 year old. What started out as a love for song and dance has quickly turned into a successful hobby. Starting at 3 years old, Christian received his first drum set. Every year since, he’s learned a new instrument and taken lessons from local musicians at 3rd Street Music and Mehas Music. One of his favorite road trip games to play with his dad is called “Title and Artist” where Christian would have to name the title and artist of the song that randomly came on the radio. This developed Christian’s knack for connecting old and new songs. His preferred genre of music is old school funk and 90’s rap. A well-loved duo of his is Zapp and Roger from Dayton, Ohio. The song, Doo Wa Ditty, has been known to make an occasional appearance on his playlist at local gigs.

2020 is the year everything changed for then pre-teen. While staying indoors during the pandemic, he was found playing drums in his closet and watching videos of DJ’s. He ended up asking for a DJ system instead of a new instrument for Christmas that year. To his surprise, he received two turntables and a small speaker box. Just a few months later, he met a local DJ during Inspiration Studios’ event, SHIFT (​​an annual live art and music fundraising event in Downtown Hamilton). DJ Maul Walker, also known as Michael Randolph, performed on RiverEdge’s stage where Christian danced for the crowd. Soon after that, Christian would go to the Fringe coffee shop to watch DJ Maul Walker’s weekly set and learn from the best. His now friend and mentor has positive things to say about him: “I see big things coming your way. You have the talent and drive to become something big. Never stop chasing what you want.”- DJ Maul Walker.

Within only a year of getting his own system, DJ Christian D has performed all over our city. He’s already appeared at Pohlman’s bowling alley, Lounge 24, Alive After 5, his own 6th grade dance, Pinball Garage, his Grandma’s 80th birthday party, private parties and more! He continues to upgrade equipment as he saves up from gigs while his parents have been his biggest supporter. “As parents you want your child to succeed in anything they have a desire to do in life. The last thing parents want are their kids to play video games all day. Once Christian took a real interest in becoming a DJ, we supported him 100%. We taught him at an early age to save his money and to use it toward something he loves. We wanted him to use his own money he has saved over the years so he would work harder and appreciate his accomplishments by doing it for himself. Some larger items we had to front the money or have given him as presents for birthdays, Christmas, etc. But mostly he has had to hand over his cold hard cash from his money box for most things. We want him to know the value of hard work.” – Travis and Melissa DePew (Parents)

Between being a 7th grader during the day and going to show choir practice multiple times a week, there’s not much time left for a hobby that is this consistent but Christian strives to make it a priority. “I get excited when I see the smiles of family and friends. DJ’ing is a fun way of having something to do and getting to do it for the people I love and having fun at the same time. I love everything about Hamilton and really enjoy entertaining the people.” –DJ Christian D.

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