From Stage to Studio

From Stage to Studio

Sometimes life can be scary, where you planned to be and where you went aren’t always the same destination. Lynelle Lyons of Terra Luna has learned to embrace the scary, using it to find her passion, and turning that passion not only into a career but also a way to connect with the community. She graduated with a degree in theater from the University of Dayton. After graduation, she decided that she wanted to reconnect with her roots, health and wellness, by becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2002.  


In 2010, Lynelle and her husband decided to make Hamilton, Ohio their home. When the gym she was working out of closed down due to the pandemic, it forced her to make another tough decision. In June of 2022, Lynelle opened Terra Luna in the 3rd + Dayton complex. “I thought ‘you just have to do it’. If I don’t do this now, the space won’t be available in two years. If you’re not afraid then you’re not looking at things realistically. Being afraid is a part of the human condition, acknowledge you’re afraid then go do it anyways.” she said when asked how she made the decision to open Terra Luna.  


Having had knee surgery to repair her ACL, she was still experiencing some pain. Lynelle started working with a Pilates instructor who introduced her to reformer Pilates, which made exercising and strengthening her knee more accessible since it is done on a reformer rather than a rubber mat on the floor.  Having helped in her own recovery, Lyons decided to go from being a student to being an instructor, so that she could help others reach their own health and wellness goals.


Terra Luna offers guests something that you can’t get at a large gym or exercise studio; making exercise accessible and inclusive for everyone. “Reformer Pilates can be done by people of all ages, regardless of their current health. There are people out there who have movement challenges and putting those people on a reformer helps build strength so they can get to a place where they can do other activities. We really want to strengthen people so they can do other things in life.” she explained.  


The classes at Terra Luna are offered throughout each day with varying difficulty so whether you’re looking for a good stretch or an intense workout, there is class for everyone. The smaller class sizes allow the instructor to provide attention to each individual while meeting you where you’re at in your health and wellness journey. This helps to focus on being just a little bit better today and a little bit better tomorrow.  


Currently Terra Luna offers massage therapy, reformer Pilates, a physical therapist coming in a few times a month, and Reiki but big things are on the horizon with an expansion happening this summer. Lynelle has a vision for Terra Luna, she is planning on offering other types of classes such as cycling, Barre Pilates, mat Pilates, and group fitness classes.  


Terra Luna operates with a few simple principles in mind that are centered around making sure that everyone feels welcomed, people are working toward their individual health goals, and that they’re having fun. “I try to incorporate fun into everything that we do. Adults don’t get enough fun, let’s do something just because it’s fun. I love when our guests look forward to coming to class. You know that when you come to Terra Luna you’re coming to a place where you’re going to see people that you know and you care about. Yes, you are going to do a 50 minute activity and get a good workout but you’re going to have a lot of laughs and you’re going to have fun. It is a great way to spend an hour of your day” she explained.  


Terra Luna is located at 136 N Third St, Suite 102 in the 3rd + Dayton complex. You can find more information about Terra Luna, class schedules, and more here.


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