Educator Spotlight - Tyler Belew

Educator Spotlight - Tyler Belew

Educator Spotlight – Tyler Belew

By Megan E. Smith

Name: Tyler Belew

School: Hamilton High School – Freshman Campus

Title: Freshman Assistant Principal

Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio

Favorite book: The “Hatchet” series

Favorite season: Fall 

Favorite hobby(ies): Camping, traveling, and experiencing new places.

Favorite emoji: (fist bump)

Tyler Belew has been working in the Hamilton City Schools district for 12 years. He first joined the District as a substitute teacher before being hired on full-time. In the past decade, he has served the District in the following positions: high school intervention specialist, elementary tutor, summer school teacher, assistant athletic director, interim athletic director, and now, one of the assistant principals for the Hamilton Freshman Campus. He has also coached for variety of sports and levels, including softball and baseball.

Tyler’s dedication to athletics is undoubtedly one of the reasons he was recognized as a Certified Athletic Administrator by The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) in 2019. The award is presented annually in each state to a NIAAA member who demonstrates outstanding leadership, and meritorious service and achievement in the vocation of interscholastic administration.

Tyler’s years of experience in athletics helped pave the way for the next steps in his career.

"My passion in athletics led me down the path of education," Tyler stated. "I was inspired to help students grow and develop into adults and learn ways to give back to their community in the future."

Tyler has had opportunities to work with students of all ages, but the most fulfilling work to him has been with high school students.

“This is the age that students really start to become future-focused. I enjoy working with them to begin mapping out their futures and helping to expose them to a variety of options that may exist based on their interests,” said Tyler.

When Tyler needs to connect with students or parents, he taps into memories from his student experience.

“As a product of the Hamilton City Schools, I take a tremendous amount of pride in the quality of education that our students receive. As the parent of a HCSD student myself, I value the relationships between parents and schools and I want parents to know that I am here to help advocate for the best interests of their child.”

With summer break just beginning, Tyler is looking forward to finding some time to rest and relax with his family: his wife, Brittany; son, Braxton; and soon-to-be-daughter, Emerson.

But when school starts back up again in the fall, Tyler will have the following advice to give:

  • For students: “Find your passion and let it ignite a fire within yourself.”
  • For new teachers: “Enjoy the ride. While some days are long, the years are short! Take the time to make connections with students and get to know them.”
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