Eden Park Senior Apartments

Eden Park Senior Apartments

Community. It means different things to different people. For some it can be formed within the communities in which we call home and take up residence. For others it can be grounded in the commonalities that can, and do, bond us to others. Then sometimes, it’s simply about experiencing genuine fellowship. Fellowship that we not only need, but that we also crave and draw strength from. Then there’s times in life when we’re gifted the rare opportunity to experience each and every aspect of community, all at once. That, is what living at Eden Park, is honestly all about.  

Nestled amongst the trees, just off Gardner Road, sits the pristine and welcoming, Eden Park Senior Apartments. With its enchanting wooded surroundings and its peaceful ponds, this 55 and up community in Hamilton is doing more than purely providing a comfortable place for seniors to live…they’re setting them up to thrive during the distinguished era of their lives!


It’s often said that age is just a number and that while growing older may be mandatory…growing up is optional. For the residents at Eden Park, the fun and games doesn’t stop simply because they’ve entered a new season of life. It’s actually quite the opposite. Whether it’s card games, or Bingo, Wii Tournaments or puzzles, parties or outings, there’s always something fun going on at Eden Park. The residents can be as involved as much or as little as they want. But even for those residents who wish to keep to themselves a bit, the feeling of community is still abundantly present. 

With its spacious 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, generous garages, a salon, coffee bar, game room, exercise facility, multiple safety features within the community, and a welcoming fireplace that instantly makes you feel at home…it’s easy to see why everyone the Hamiltonian spoke with, loves Eden Park so deeply. But what was even more touching, was the love the residents’ families have for Eden Park as well. The comfort they have, knowing their loved ones are safe, valued, taken care of, and appreciated, well…there really are no words for that kind of peace.  

Amy Dye Spahn, whose father was a resident at Eden Park, was kind enough to sit down and share with the Hamiltonian some of the things that have made the people at Eden Park, more than just her dad’s neighbors. In the time that he lived there he was not only cared for and looked after in a way that was respectful of his boundaries and who he was…but the incredible residents who made up his community also cared for his daughter in a way that undoubtably made her dad feel truly blessed.    

“I can’t say enough good things about the people here.”, said Amy. “They’re a family and a community to not just the people who live here, but also to the residents’ families as well.” Amy went on to share just how truly precious and deeply moving that community was for her when she needed them most. It was a Sunday evening and she hadn’t heard from her dad all day. Seeing as how that was so unlike him, and their relationship, she knew in her heart that she needed to stop by. In what likely felt like a slow-motion moment where time stood still, her dad’s unread newspaper lying on the ground, were the telltale sign that something was terribly wrong. In the moments that followed Amy was faced with a reality that no daughter who loves her dad wants to face. That he’s gone. However, there’s a saving grace to this heart wrenching story. Though the loss hurt her deeply, through it all…Amy was never alone. In addition to her family, and a strong faith in Jesus, Amy had a support system to walk alongside her every step of the way. From the moment she saw the newspaper, to this very day, she’s felt cared for and supported by the people who started out as her dad’s neighbors, but became so much more. The grief we feel when we lose someone is never a burden, as it’s a sign that we were blessed enough to have experienced love. But sometimes, it can definitely feel like a load that we need a little help carrying. For Amy, the circle of women she now has at Eden, a group that’s affectionately called…The Sisters…are a true gift from God and everything that community should be.  

Within any great community though, leadership plays an essential role. You need someone who’s hard working, and dedicated to their job, while also being caring and compassionate. You need someone who sincerely loves what they do and the people they do it for. At Eden Park, that person is Carla Kirker. From personal conversations with residents…to google reviews, the praise and appreciation for Carl is abundant. She cares about the people at Eden and in return they care for her. She seems to have such a deep level of understanding that yes, she has a job to do in managing the property. But from the moment she starts talking about Eden Park and its residents, it’s clear that she also has an honest-to-goodness love for what she does and the people she’s doing it for. She gets to know them; she knows their stories and their families. She takes time to make sure they have everything they need and that they’re truly set up to be living their best lives. The warmth and kindness that Carla exudes, makes it clear why Eden Park is such a wonderful place to live. It’s been said that attitude reflects leadership…so upon meeting Carla, it comes as no surprise that a big part of why Eden Park is such an incredible place to live, is because of her and her leadership.  

The seasons a person experiences in life will always change…and consequently, so will they. But what does a person do when the seasons of life are changing and they aren’t ready? Who do they go to for encouragement, support, and inspiration? What happens when they feel as if they’re stuck in a perpetual winter or fall season? When it’s a season so full of change, somberness, and a coldness that makes them want to withdraw. How do they find the support they need to navigate their way into a summer or spring season? A much-needed season where there’s joy, sunshine, and a sense of renewal. Where there’s a refreshing feeling of hope and newness in the air. For many…it starts with community. It’s surrounding one’s self with people who are going through the same things they are and who have common interests. It’s having a circle of people that understand the joys they’ve each experienced, as well as the losses.  And for the Seniors living at Eden Park…it’s about having a place they can live worry free and on their terms. It’s about having a community of fellow seniors who are in the same season of life and who are determined to celebrate it…all while still being proud of the lives they’ve lived and the seasons they’ve experienced. It’s brotherhoods and sisterhoods within the community that can be a support system in ways no one else can understand.  

Eden Park Senior Apartments is so much more than just a living community for the 55 and up age group. It’s more than beautiful apartments and amazing amenities. It’s a community AND it’s a family. It’s a glimpse of how we should all be. To care for others just as they are, expecting nothing in return. That’s what truly makes a community beautiful. THAT, is what makes Eden Park beautiful.    

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