Business Triple Play

Business Triple Play

Economic pioneers lead Hamilton’s surge in growth and employment opportunities

Vinylmax, Darana Hybrid, and Kaivac—those are just a few of the existing Hamilton enterprises that have plans to stay and more importantly, grow in Hamilton.

VINYLMAX, a company that manufactures vinyl and wood windows and window replacements, recently announced an expansion: a 150,000 square foot addition that will bring 100 new full-time positions. Having another facility in New York, Vinylmax ultimately chose the Hamilton location for their expansion, crediting the city’s ease of access to major transportation corridors and local talent as key factors in the decision.

One of the biggest companies working to transform Hamilton neighborhoods is DARANA HYBRID.In addition to expanding its business outside of engineering and installing conveyor belt systems, Darana Hybrid is committed to making Hamilton better by investing in the surrounding neighborhood and creating accessible jobs.

KAIVAC, known for its innovative cleaning technologies, opened a new four-building campus in 2017 due to significant growth. The company continues to see growth with a 300 percent increase in demand and has expanded operations to include hiring an additional nearly 36 employees over the last few years.

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