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Baked - In Hospitality

Hyde’s Restaurant

By Kyle Boomershine

After returning from World War II, Lloyd Hyde began searching for work, which is what brought him and his brother to Hamilton, Ohio. In August 1946, Hyde saved up his money and purchased an ice cream shop located at 130 S. Erie Boulevard. After expanding in size and expanding the menu, the ice cream shop become Hyde’s Restaurant. 

As Lloyd Hyde got older, ownership of the restaurant passed down to his son, Mick, and eventually to Ashley Tuley and Amy Klaiber, Micks daughters. Amy and Ashley never planned on running the restaurant. Amy and Ashley had originally offered to just pitch in at the restaurant when their dad became ill. Amy was happily at home with her two kids and Ashley was a teacher who was in grad school at the time. While they didn’t start being so heavily involved with the restaurant until 2005, they reminisced about their childhood when they’d stand on milk crates, peeling potatoes, making jellies, and separating yolk from the egg whites. 

The restaurant business has always been considered volatile. The National Restaurant Associated estimates that nearly 30% of restaurants fail.  Now nearly 78 years old, Hyde’s has become a Hamilton staple. “I think that what makes us unique and different from other places is hospitality. I think hospitality should be the same wherever you are. If we could put a feather in our hat, that is where we would be. We look around and we know what people eat, we know who they are, we know what is going on. Knowing the people and knowing their stories are the kinds of things that makes us difference, everyone likes to feel taken care of and feel special” Amy said when asked about what sets Hyde’s apart from other eateries.  

In addition to the great meals and an atmosphere full of homelike charm, Hyde’s has a large selection of pies, which are baked fresh daily, multiple times throughout the day. Even the pies that are made for carry-out orders are often baked within an hour of pickup. Hyde’s has mastered the art of baking fresh pies. The biggest day for pies at the restaurant is the day before Thanksgiving or “Pie Palooza” as they call it, baking nearly 600 pies from scratch and all within an hour of pickup. Recently the restaurant has launched an online platform so customers can order their pies online based on the flavors that are available at the time. 

Hyde’s restaurant has touched many lives over the years. Most of their customers are regulars, some of which come in for a meal multiple times a week and even multiple times a day. When customers come to Hyde’s, it isn’t just because of the food, it is also because of how eating at Hyde’s makes them feel. “We firmly believe what differentiates Hyde’s is what is at the heart of it – our customers. Many have been with us for multiple decades and have shared their lives, their stories, and their family traditions with us. It’s an honor and it’s humbling in every way, every day. Within our small Hyde’s community, we have shared the joys and the triumphs that life brings as well as the tragedies and the heartbreaks that undoubtedly touch their lives as well. We are firm believers in food  for the soul and hope that in some ways our pies, our food, our staff, and our little diner help comfort those hurting and make happy times even more joyous” Ashley said. 

Hyde’s is open Tuesday – Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm and 7:00am – 2:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. You can place carry out orders by phone at (513) 892 – 1287. To order pies online, visit


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